Week 21 – Miracles

This week’s webinar was very thought provoking for me.  I believe in miracles, some small and some large because I have experienced them in my lifetime, but thinking that we, ourselves, are miracles was somewhat hard to wrap my mind around.

When I really thought about miracles in general I could come up with examples; birth of a child (large); conception of a child; serious health issues that are cured (large), then children in general, the fact that huge airplanes take off from the ground straight up into the air, to plants growing providing vibrant colors. As to each individual, the fact that we breathe, think independently, walk, talk, age and have a unique personality proves to me that we are a miracle. What other than a miracle could result in a human being?

I think that instead of being grateful for our daily lives, maybe we should be grateful that each and every one of us is a living miracle. I know that these past webinars have made me take a second look at definitions of words such as; habit, love, persistence, uniqueness, power of prayer and now miracles.  I believe it would change our world if more people had to “live each day as if it was their last” and understand all of the words that we have now come to live by.

As Haanel says in 21-2, “The real battle of life is one of ideas; it is being fought out by the few against the many; on the one side is the constructive and creative thought; on the other side the destructive and negative thought; the creative thought is dominated by an idea, the passive thought is dominated by appearances.  On both sides are men of science, men of letters, and men of affairs”.


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