Week 22 – Emotions

In sitting I realized that anger is my most vulnerable trait.  I have always told others that anger is just a waste of energy lost on nothing of importance.  Now, I believe, based on facts presented in this week’s webinar, that this is not wasted energy but energy that needs to be redirected for a more advantageous purpose.  I am now a more astute observer of this emotion and will redirect the energy when it appears. There are very few things that really should make us angry so a deeper evaluation seems to be in order.

Guilt is probably the 2nd trait that I encounter.  I find that when I don’t met all of the assignments, although thinking that I am giving it my undivided attention, I am just following my old comfort zone of making unnecessary excuses.  Because of the webinar, I now understand that I need to redirect this energy and STOP making excuses.  It is just a matter of “doing it now” instead of finding mindless things to replace it.

I am looking forward to the “Silence” time and intend to give it my full attention.  I believe that we are too invested in our modern conveniences (cell phones, IPad’s, computers, etc) to really enjoy our lives and our relationships to family and friends. I think this is one of the greatest exercises we have been given and I truly believe it will be life changing.  This would be a perfect exercise for anyone over 21 to try and accomplish.  Most people I know of that age, could not or would not put down their cell phones for more than 5 minutes, let alone a full day or so.  But then, do they really understand how their old subby is programmed.  I think not.



5 thoughts on “Week 22 – Emotions

  1. Yes, positive use for what otherwise might appear to be negative emotions is key. Thank you for pointing it out again.


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