Week 23 To be of Service

I have decided to embark once again into the realm of network marketing.  In the past my focus has always been recognition (pin levels) and the money earned as a result. Truly an act of selfishness.  I now believe very strongly that I am developing a much needed mind shift in the thoughts I am putting forth towards the building of such a business based on Chapter 23.

My core belief has always been that money is a tool.  One that we need to live (shelter, food, clothing, etc) but should never be the “main thing” in our life.  I have in the past moved away from this core belief. I know it was lost.

This week, Chapter 23 has solidified this thought for me, once again, and has provided a more enlightened focus and path for the future.  I now understand that the true meaning of network marketing is to be of service to our team members by helping them pay attention to their DMP, by helping them feed their “burning desire” and concentrating on it’s achievement.  The power of thought is the way to help ourselves and those who choose to follow. If we maintain a strong PMA through creative thoughts by paying close attention to our DMP, then we will develop the concentration to use the Spiritual Power given to us.

This chapter provided the strength and sense of purpose that I have been searching for during my quest into the Master Key Systems.  I know fully understand that “we get what we give” in a more profound way and we must share this gift with everyone that we are associated with.  I intend to build a stronger world within so that I might become an example of every idea, emotion and power that we have received during this course.

I thank Mark, all the guides and the Fab Davene for sharing their vast knowledge with me and assure them that I intend to always use it, in all ways possible.


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