Week 19 – Fear

I believe that we all deal with fear in some form or another.  It may be present today or it may be something in the future that we fear.  For me, it is the future to a certain degree. I am set to retire at the end of 2020 and I am a little “fearful” of have enough money and/or resources to meet all of my obligations..  Sometimes this “fear” is larger than normal (very slight) and when it starts to grow, I just deprive it of “food”.  In other words I don’t “feed” into it.  I battle it by remembering the Law of Growth & Attraction and only think thoughts of success and abundance.  I continually “feed” my subby thoughts of me doing all of the things that I want to do when I retire without any worry of financial difficulties (DMP).  I eliminate thoughts of incapacity. You know what?  It generally always work because I truly do have faith that my retirement will be blissful in all aspects, including financial.

I believe we all have a CHOICE.  You can allow fear to conquer or you can simply decide to win the war by using all of the Laws we have been taught in this course, for they are the food we need minute by minute, hour by hour, to conquer any fear that finds us. I choose to eliminate fear in my life and become my authentic self, a very happy and satisfied retiree…..


4 thoughts on “Week 19 – Fear

  1. Pat, it is as you say – The Law of Growth: What we concentrate on grows, what we ignore atrophies. Filling ourselves with gratitudes, journaling positive experiences will crowd out the negative. Keep filling your room to over flowing. You have so got this!!! Thank you for sharing.

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